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Five Things You Don’t Need – But Would Love to Have

​Although every dad dreams about owning something unique and personally rewarding in his life, the things that men dream about owning the most are usually not very affordable.

Dads don’t always get to buy the things they want the most. Neither does anyone else for that matter, but dads with families will always have many things they need to buy for the family before there is any thought, or cash, left over for what the dads might actually want.

In that light, here are five things that might represent unobtanium for most dads, and although all five are guaranteed to be desirable, whether or not they are affordable is not our responsibility. In this light, it is the dream that counts, and for dads, these five things might not be needed in family life, but they are certainly things every dad can afford to dream about.

One thing many men dream about, but few will ever really own personally, is an airplane of their own. Forget owning a full-blown passenger jet aircraft and a personal runway at your home like multi-multi millionaire John Travolta has, but a small and light personal aircraft could be in the realm of possibilities if you won the lottery. And that is the only real problem with dreaming about owning an airplane, the costs are prohibitive. For example, a used Cessna 182 RG from the late 1980’s will cost about $150,000. The insurance to operate the plane will cost about $5,000 per year and ad the costs of a hangar ($500 per month) and the fuel ($50 per hour), and you’ve got a seriously expensive daydream.

For those men whose dreams of personal luxury are a bit closer to the earth, the thought of owning their own ocean-going yacht or sailboat might fall in right behind owning a plane. Unfortunately, buying and operating a small boat can cost a not-so-small fortune just like a plane. The going rate for a typical yacht these days is about $40,000 per lineal foot. That means the initial purchase price of a typical 50' yacht or sailboat could cost about $2,000,000. A small used 25-foot yacht could be a lot more affordable at around $10,000, and a sailboat-style small (25-foot) used yacht might only cost $10,000. Add in the costs of maintenance and ongoing operation, and it could be nearly as expensive as owning a small plane. One again, a winning lottery ticket might be the only way most dads could afford this particular dream.

For those dads with less wanderlust in their blood, perhaps owning their own vacation home, cabin or mountain retreat is the item they dream about owning the most. However, as anyone here in the U.S. knows, home ownership of any kind can be extremely expensive depending on the area, type of structure and the amenities included. A small beach shack without utilities could be an effective “get-away-from-it-all hideaway spot, and would certainly be more affordable than a condo on the beach in Hawaii, but most dads would probably want something a little more comfortable. When it comes to comfortable homes, you usually get exactly what you pay for, and that simple fact guarantees that owning a vacation home is probably out of reach for most working dads with families to raise.

Moving down the list of desirable and expensive things you’d love to own but don’t really need, bring us to the choice of an exotic or vintage automobile. It’s no secret that men and cars have had an ongoing love affair since the Model T appeared. Although most family dads already have an automobile or two at home, they are usually sensible and utilitarian vehicles that serve the multiple purposes that every American family requires. A super-fast foreign sports car, or a high-powered domestic muscle car might provide all the excitement, pride of ownership and escape that a dad could want and dream about, but once again, the best cars are never cheap. A 10-year-old Ferrari has an average price of around $250,000 depending on the particular model. A restored 1970 Dodge Challenger with a huge V-8 under the hood could cost as much as $100,000 depending in the condition. Although both could be considered as dream cars for the average American dad, there is nothing average about the cost of buying and maintaining one.

The cost of hitting the open road with the wind in your hair could be brought down to a more reasonable level when a two-wheeled motorcycle is substituted for an exotic sports car. Dads and men in general have had a warm spot in their hearts for motorcycles in the United States since the end of the second World War. Although the best new motorcycles, as well as the nicest vintage motorcycles can be very pricey, and can cost upward of $25,000, a good used motorcycle will cost substantially less. Of these five dream-items, a good used motorcycle for about $10,000 might be the most realistic and attainable of the lot, especially for dads with families. Motorcycles don’t cost that much to operate, maintain and store, and they can deliver nearly the same levels of excitement and adventure for a lot less cash.

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